Buy TOKYO Tokyo products will be aired on TV Asahi's "Tokyo Site"!

TV Asahi-affiliated information program "Tokyo Site" will introduce Tokyo products selected by the Buy TOKYO project . Kikuhime Hayashiya, a navigator, introduces the attractive products of Tokyo. Please watch!

Tokyo site official website:

From 1:45 pm every day
3/29 (Monday) Kataoka Byobu store "Sending traditional folding screens to the world"
3/30 (Tue) divka "Clothes that fuse Japanese and Western"
3/31 (Wednesday) Atelier Eight " Yosemono " we want to pass on to the next generation
4/1 (Thursday) Mikhail "Pigskin made in Tokyo"
4/2 (Friday) Sumidaya Shoten "Rice culture to the world"