News from Seberu Pico Co.Ltd, Limited Model of Shamisen “SHAMIKO” in Collaboration with the Ryoma Quartet is Now on Sale!

As an ambassador of original shamisen “SHAMIKO” produced by Seberu Pico Co.Ltd, Masakatsu(Tsugaru shamisen player) played “Hanamizuki”, and it was recorded in the 3rd album “connecting” which has been released by “Ryoma Quartet”. The expressive SHAMIKO sounds on graceful melody.
Also, a special “Ryoma Quartet x SHAMIKO" limited model is now on sale in commemoration of the release of the album (which was released on February 3, 2021). In addition to a design featuring the cover art of the album, we also have another unique model in collaboration with “Ryoma Quartet”, such as the Andon type that "family crest of Ryoma Quartet" appears.

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