Updates from Solver Network – “Masujiro” and “Etena” will be Displayed and Sold at a Japanese Restaurant “Yojisu” in Southern France

Solver Network, which operates Washoku Premium, a platform that delivers Japanese traditional arts to the world is happy to announce that “Masujiro” and “Etena,” Tokyo antimony crafts have been displayed and sold at a Japanese restaurant called “Yojisu” in France from December, 2020 till March, 2021.
“Yojisu” is located in Aix-en-Provence, the center of tourism in Provence, “Yojisu” is a unique concept restaurant/store that sells Japanese condiments and dishes, while also holding Japanese cuisine workshops. “Yojisu” even has its own Japanese sake cellars, and the owner couple has chosen “Masujiro” and “Etena” – sake cups created using traditional techniques and latest technology. While many cities are under lockdowns, we hope that this would be an opportunity for everyone to get to know “Masujiro” and “Etena.”
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