Brewery-Direct Sake Store “Kurabito Maihime” Continues to Keep its Doors Open with Quality Control and Infection Control of COVID-19

Kurabito Maihime is a pop-up store founded in 1894 and located 5 minutes away from Hachioji station that directly delivers sake from a brewery in Nagano.

With total quality control and appropriate measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, Kurabito Maihime keeps it doors open, in hopes to provide freshly produced sake directly delivered every day from the brewery, including the signature “Takao-no-Tengu” made from Tokyo-grown rice. Sake is known for its sensitivity to freshness – please come and taste the high-quality sake, including limited sake that can only be enjoyed at the pop-up store.

Brewery Direct Sake Pop-Up Store “Kurabito Maihime
10-12 Nakacho Hachioji-city, Tokyo
Phone: 042-649-7942
Located 5 mins away from JR Hachioji Station
Hours: 5-10PM
Closed: Sundays