Rosa Special Cosmetics, Inc. is now selling skin-friendly cosmetics and hand alcohol disinfectants!

Through our ethical and eco-friendly Cosmeting® cosmetics, Rosa Special Cosmetics Inc. has been helping people with skin problems, people who want to create original cosmetics, estheticians, and therapists to "create the one and only cosmetics in the world that suit me and my customers!". This is the answer to your request.
As one of our representative products, we provide the "Akishima Series" of cosmetics that use "Akishima Deep Groundwater", which is found in 30 high-quality water springs, including two of the 57 famous springs in Tokyo. In addition, in response to the spread of the new coronavirus, we are now selling alcohol disinfectant for hand sanitizer that is gentle on the skin by using "Akishima Deep Groundwater". As a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and the flu, we encourage you to use this portable, skin-friendly alcohol hand sanitizer.

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