Ohba Glass Manufacturing Facility – Edo Kiriko to Brighten Up Your Stay Home Period

Ohba Glass Manufacturing Facility is a company that produces Edo Kiriko, and traditional Japanese cut glass designated as one of Tokyo’s authentic crafts. These Edo Kiriko are crafted by an authentic craft maker, Kazutoshi Ohba who has succeeded the skills as the second generation craftsman from the first generation craftsman, Toshio Ohba. He, along with a young craftsman, Sho Yamazaki continue to make each Edo Kiriko by hand using highly sophisticated skills to create glassware that “naturally attracts people” even under this COVID-19 situation.
Edo Kiriko is a perfect gift for personal glassware to use during your Stay-Hhome period as well as for couples. Wrapping/boxing services areavailable free of charge upon request, so we hope you take this time to consider Edo Kiriko as a special gift for your friends and family.

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