Zelicofilm LLC ,was undeterred by the Covid-19 crisis by actively using online to get the word out!

Zelicofilm was originally scheduled to participate in international film markets in Japan and abroad this year, but most of the international film markets have been cancelled due to Covid-19. However, from the summer of 2020, there has been a movement to hold online markets overseas, and we have participated in the Shanghai International Film Festival and Hong Kong FILMART online market.

In November 2020, we will be participating in the TIFFCOM online marketplace at the Tokyo International Film Festival. We will also try online pitching for the first time. In addition, in response to the voices of overseas film and anime fans we have been in contact, we have established a web magazine, "cowai" (, to disseminate information on Japanese subculture both at home and abroad. We will keep on offering latest information even in the face of Covid-19 crisis.

Official website of Zelicofilm LLC: