Hikari Inc., in a Covid-19 disaster, continues to be active in Taiwan!

For some time now, Hikari Inc. has been holding cutting seminars in Taiwan. The company's president has held seminars for local stylists and taught them advanced techniques, such as slide cutting and the use of suki-scissors, which are not commonly used outside Japan. The company’s president has also sold beauty scissors as he has taught advanced cutting techniques. However, we were unable to travel to Taiwan during the Covid-19 disaster, and we had to cancel the cutting seminars.
However, there are now no cases of the new Covid-19 in Taiwan and economic activity has resumed. We have appointed a Taiwanese stylist who had been helping us with our cutting seminars as our ambassador, and they have resumed the cutting seminars in place of the President. As a result, our Taiwanese business has been able to achieve the same sales growth as the previous year.

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