Maihime will be opening a sake brewery restaurant "Kurabito Maihime" on June 17th (Wed)!

Maihime will be opening a sake brewery restaurant “Kurabito Maihime” to boost recognition of Japanese Sake brewed using rice from Hachioji City on June 17th (Wed) in Hachioiji.
Amid the population shortage and shrinking consumption among the young generation, sales of domestic sake have been declining in recent years. “Kurabito Maihime” is a brewery restaurant directly connected with the brewery, Maihime; aiming to increase recognition of sake. At “Kurabito Maihime,” you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of high quality sake such as “Takao-no-Tengu”, made with Hachioji-grown rice, while all the sake are normally available only at Maihime. Also, you’ll find fantastic Shinshu local dish and fresh local products grown in Hachioji at Kurabito Maihime. We will be looking forward to seeing you soon.

Kurabito Maihime
10-12, Nakamachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo
Five minutes walk from Hachioji Station on JR Line
042-649-7942(Kurabito Maihime)