Maihime offering a Brewery Sake-Making Tour of brewing new sake of Takao no Tengu

Every year in January, Maihime offers a Brewery Sake-Making Tour of brewing new sake of Takao no Tengu.
It takes place in the paddy fields of Hachioji with the contracted farmers, who grow the sake rice that is used as the main ingredient of Takao no Tengu. It is also offered as an event for Hachioji citizens, which involves planting rice seedlings in June, weeding in July, and harvesting in September.
After they experience the entire process of making sake rice, the rice undergoes an inspection conducted by Tokyo. It is then brought to the brewery of Maihime Co., Ltd., that brews the sake. The preparation for brewing then starts at the factory.Participants get to observe new sake-making with the citizens, seeing the way the sake is brewed at the brewery. The tour offers special experiences that are only offered at the tour, including lectures from the brewers, labeling of Takao no Tengu, mixing the ingredients with a paddle rod, and observing inside the factory.

[Venue] Maihime Co., Ltd. Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture
[Tour Date & Time] Around January every year

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