Tomita Dyed Crafts held an Edo Komon live demonstration event in Paris.

Last year in November, Tomita Dyed Crafts held an event that introduced the beauties of dyed products in Paris where global fashion leaders gathered. Atsushi Tomita, a traditional craftsman who has been preserving Japanese dyeing techniques over many years, presented the dyeing techniques of Edo Komon and the history of dyed products in Japan. We received comments expressing the local participants’ amazement and praise, such as “Amazing!” and “Beautiful!!” We successfully finished the two-day event by answering each comment with care.

Tomita Dyed Crafts opened its Paris Branch in 2019.
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Orders from Paris are increasing, as items including neckties, scarves, and handkerchiefs made using the ancient techniques of Edo Komon also pairs great with Western fashion.