Solver Network to exhibit in JAPANEXPO2020 Marseille Abu Dhabi and 2021 Taiwan

We will be exhibiting in the Japan Expo in Marseille, Southern France, from February 28th - March 1st in 2020, the Olympic year we have been anticipating. We plan to exhibit in Abu Dhabi in October and Taiwan in February 2021.
We will be introducing a wide range of goods to the global audience by exhibiting traditional crafts from Tokyo Antimony Craft (Etena Brand) in the local areas. We will aspire to introduce people overseas about the traditional crafts and local industries that are the artisan culture of Japan, by having them touch and see the tin products in person, including the Octagonal Tumbler and MASU-JIRO. We will strive to convey the beauty of the profession to contribute to the coming declining birthrate and aging society.