Möbius Pierce Earring
Möbius Necklace
Möbius Pierce Earring
Möbius Necklace
Möbius Pierce Earring
Möbius Necklace
Möbius Pierce Earring
Möbius Necklace
Möbius Pierce Earring
Möbius Necklace


President YAJIMA Chikako

Jewelry of continuously repeating shapes

We create jewelry, desiring to create items that will intrigue people by using techniques and structures people have never seen before. CHIKAKO YAJIMA’s jewelry making begins by breaking the fixed concept of things. From the broken and scattered pieces, we extract only shapes, techniques, and necessary pieces and design, without being bound by names or its usage. We want to propose jewelry that is completed by people wearing it that is free of waste, just like a mathematical solution. The products have depth and voluminous by continuously repeating simple shapes. We continue to create jewelry every day, hoping jewelry made in this way will make everyone’s daily lives a little more fun and enjoyable.

Creator's Commitment

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Design that can be made by hands

Our main work, ribbon jewelry, is all made by hands. It is knitting that is difficult to be done by machines. In recent new work we are using 4 or 5 colors for one product. Since it is manufactured while adjusting the color balance each time, it becomes a unique product which does not have another copy. We choose the colors while contemplating what customer would like to wear. Best moment is when our customers wear these products and happiness can be seen through their faces.

Visit / Experience

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Holding Workshop

We occasionally hold workshops. It is a workshop where you can make ribbon jewelry by choosing an item from “My First Ribbon Jewelry to Make” written by our President. The workshop notice will be posted on the website. Please contact us for details.


Company Info
Procuction and sales of Jewelries and accessories

〒151-0065 2C, JUJU House, Oyama-cho, Sibuya-ku, Tokyo
Phone : 03-6407-8787 FAX : ー  Mail : info@chikakoyajima.com

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