Tradition and innovation. Experience and instinct.
Economy and culture. Logic and magic.
Craftsmanship to attain the ultimate in manufacturing and
creativity to develop something entirely new.
Tokyo is a city where seemingly opposing forces blend
to form unpredictable synergy.
Creators constantly honing their skills to meet edgy needs
and inspired by such craftsmanship, new ideas are born.
Tokyo is more than just a consumption megalopolis.
It is a major city of technology, accommodating numerous
factories that focus on added value.
Is it outstanding? Unprecedented? Or simply interesting?
Tokyo continues to make outstanding
items from discerning experts in the know.

By TOKYO That's the Tokyo way.

Application guidelines for the Buy TOKYO Promotion Project

※We no longer accept applications for FY2016.

※The following are details of the FY2016 program.

Application guidelines are viewing on your computer, please download


Buy TOKYO Promotion Project, in addition to some auxiliary of the expenses for the new initiatives, such as Tokyo small and medium-sized companies that sell · PR is towards home and abroad in Tokyo distinctive products such as, a variety of support such as support for sales promotion it is to do, markets such as Tokyo, excellent products, is the project going to promote the overseas expansion.

Content and fashion, traditional crafts, in Japan industries that take advantage of the life and culture, such as typified by Japanese food, and there are many small and medium-sized companies is Tokyo with such superior technology, products and ideas.
And, in recent years, said to industry that such a rich culture of Japan and the background has received high praise from the world, there is a great potential for business development in foreign countries.

This project, together with the rest of the world of their voices the charm of Tokyo of industry, we would like to increase its international presence.

Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Labor Bureau Commerce and Industry Department