Tradition and innovation. Experience and instinct.
Economy and culture. Logic and magic.
Craftsmanship to attain the ultimate in manufacturing and
creativity to develop something entirely new.


Neither time nor effort are spared in the creation of YoseMono, resulting in jewelry that conveys the true intentions of the artisan.

YoseMono are crafted using traditional techniques in which parts are linked together one-by-one, which delivers light and uniquely translucent costume jewelry that tells a story each time it catches the light.
リングワイングラス 米つなぎ

Edokiriko's Shop Hanashyo, delivers the Edo Kiriko of the best technology, whose products were provided as gifts to the dignitaries at G8 Summit at Toyako, Hokkaido in 2008.

Delicate and gorgeous cut is a technology that only Edokiriko's Shop Hanashyo is available in a glass workshop of the world. We welcome customers to our retail shop located in Kameido all over the world.

A finely crafted wooden tub made with traditional techniques.

A traditionally crafted product made from timber sourced in Japan. The simple, elegant design takes inspiration from the Edo period, and can be used in a variety of settings.
Edo Kimekomi Maneki Neko

We constantly work to craft original products that reflect the modern age.

While we naturally craft traditional products, we also take the modern lifestyle into account for production. The artisans test the materials and craft each kimekomi item with an eye for perfection.

Giving a touch of joy to people by weaving together the culture and techniques of traditional Japanese artisanship

The first time that I saw a kabuki play (a classical Japanese dance/drama), I was staggered by the vibrant colors of the costumes and props, which were brimming with originality in their design and perfect to the last detail. After this experience, I researched the artisans, materials and tools involved in a variety of traditional handcrafts, including kabuki, and I realized that most of the artisans have been struggling more than I ever imagined to preserve their techniques for the next generation.
江戸切子 江戸硝子

Creating new aspects of Edo Kiriko and Edo Glass.

KIMOTO GLASSWARE Co.,LTD. has been creating new aspects of glass in its downtown factories, while working with craftsmen, designers and creators.

The keywords of "movement", has given a small change in life, to enrich the human mind.

Kokusai Display Kogyo Co.,Ltd. has started its career as an international model institute and has made the electric wooden modeling. Then, we have grown into a moving POP advertising display manufacturer. We want to convey "the charm of the movement" in a new from to the people. From such a thought, we have launched a brand "KOKUSAI DSP".

Supporting the city we love. We are a credit association deeply-rooted in the local community.

With a network of branches in six wards including Setagaya, and also Chōfu, Mitaka, and Koganei cities, we form a collaborative circle with the community, and develop a wide range of initiatives to support the local economy and community. As you can see, we love this city.
Hokusai Edo Rice

As rice is staple of our daily lives, we aim to ensure uncompromising quality and flavor.

A well-established rice business which is particularly focused on rice which has been made in Tokyo using an original blend of specially selected, unmilled rice, which is then polished using traditional techniques. The business is proud of its expert eye for unmilled rice and polishing that retains the flavor.

Independence support tableware IROHA make you enjoy in the five senses.

For those who feel inconvenience to the meal, TAISEI Plastics Industrial Co.,Ltd. made the tableware which are not inferior to the coating tableware in general. The tableware named IROHA combines the easy to eat functionality and design, and suggests the life style to anyone where you can enjoy the daily diet.

Masking color is groundbreaking water base paint, which can be peeled off so smoothly.

From its inception, Taiyo Toryo has been engaged in the development and manufacture of special paint in the fields of architecture, industrial and road making. Today, "wisdom and technology of power" that has been cultivated in the long history has borne fruit in a number of high-quality products.
wahsable leather seires

Enriching lifestyles with leather's charm

We have been manufacturing leather, chiefly pigskin, in Sumida since 1948,the year our predecessor organization was founded.
In 2011, we began manufacturing and selling leather products.
Showcasing the charm of natural leather, we invite you to come home to leather.
summit lapel pin

Even the Edo Komon pattern, which has a history of continuous use since the Edo Period, can feel fresh.

Tokyosome Komon/Edo Komon/Edo Sarasa/Tokyo Mujisome kimono fabric dyeing business
down spark series
The islands are slowly becoming impoverished. How can we ensure that we leave something of value for the next generation?
For the benefit of the children of the islands, and in order to provide an example from Japan's islands of how we should exist on this earth, this organization is promoting sustainable town development utilizing renewable energy.
Giyaman Hyakkei Edo Kiriko

Artisanship not constrained by efficiency or the technological heritage of Tokyo glass tableware.

Since our founding in 1899, we have been under the enchantment of the beauty of glass and have stayed true to this beauty. We will continue to craft meticulous works that are eternally unique to Hirota Glass of Kinshi City in Tokyo.
wahsable leather seires

Winemaking motivated by the aim of "invigorating Tokyo's agricultural industry"

Performing everything from distilling to sales within a small space, Tokyo Winery is an urban micro-winery delivering home-made products with a particular focus on delivering a "homegrown" feeling. As consummate winemakers, the winery places the utmost importance on the inherent elegant flavor of the grapes.

Add an accent in the daily life


Technology to create soft leather with water and plants

We aim to be a sustainable company, producing products where not only the leather, but the entire leather product can be returned to the earth, and factoring sustainability into all of our initiatives from production to consumption.
Camouflage Tree

Artisanship that combines techniques and passion handed down for more than 110 years with constant forays into new technology.

For over 110 years, our local craftspeople have put heart and soul into crafting all of our leather products from leather carefully selected to complement the essence of each design, and never compromising on details such as design and functionality.
summit lapel pin

Bringing jewelry with the concept "slightly outside the paradigm" to customers in Japan and abroad.

Domestic and international launch and sale of jewelry designed to express the concept "slightly outside the paradigm". Also, in 2016, a new bag brand, "JO NAKAMURA" was launched.
down spark series

These large, dynamic designs, reminiscent of works of art or abstract sculptures, are my interpretation of jewelry that can be worn and enjoyed as art.

I believe that you will find enjoyment in the unique character expressed in the non-uniformity, slight irregularities, or asymmetric nature of each of these hand-crafted pieces of Lamie jewelry.