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Buy TOKYO will help in strengthening the brand power with subsidies and hands-on support!

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government supports the sales and PR activities of excellent products characteristic of Tokyo (made in Tokyo) done by small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Tokyo. This will strengthen the brand power of products made in Tokyo and will promote penetration in the market and expansion overseas.

Support Content

  • Expense subsidies

    Businesses that apply for the grant within each fiscal year of Tokyo, implement the business content that was approved, and complete paying expenditures.

    First fiscal year Following fiscal year
    Limit amount 10 million yen 6 million yen
    Subsidy rate Within 2/3 Within 1/2
  • Hands-on support by a coordinator

    Dispatch specialists according to the business progress of the supporting business (Advice for branding, sales promotion, etc.) illust

Flow of Hands-On Support

  • step1

    Confirming recognizable problems and considering the content for sharing/support

    First, a coordinator will visit the enterprise that has been decided to receive support.
    He/she will check the work site, interview managers and employees, and confirm/share the issues and problems the support enterprise faces.
    The interview survey will be conducted until the support needs are determined by the company.
    When the support needs are determined, the support content to solve the problems will be considered with the coordinator, the support plan will be created, and a specialist that will be dispatched to the support enterprise will be decided.

  • step2

    Support provided by specialists

    Once the support plan and specialist who will be dispatched have been decided, the coordinator and the specialist will visit the support enterprise site about once a month to provide consultations and support.

  • step3

    Confirming outcomes/progress management/follow-up

    Progress management will be done each time support is provided, and guidance/advice will be given via phone/e-mail. If necessary, the support content can be changed according to the progress to solve the problems.